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Sage and Krakatau Steel Group signed contract about SG/508 HF welded pipe mill successfully

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Sage and Krakatau Steel Group signed contract about SG/508 HF welded pipe mill successfully
On November 30, 2012, in Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, Dalian Sage Group and Krakatau Steel Group signed up a contract for SG/508 HF Straight Seam Welding Pipe Line. Chairman and Board Members of Krakatau Steel Group and PT. KHI Pipe Industries, Chairman and Vice Chairman of Dalian Sage Group and the Counselor of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China Embassy in Indonesia attended the Contract Signing Ceremony.
Krakatau Steel Group is the largest state-owned iron and steel enterprise in Indonesia, and has a pivotal position to the national economy. The Bidding process for SG/508 Welding Pipe Line lasts one year, for which there are total eight competitors who come from the United States, Germany,Japan,South Korea and China etc. This is a new milestone for Dalian Sage Group to enter into international market upon technology to win on the area of HF large diameter straight seam welding pipe.
The Bid Winning has particular historical significance to Dalian Sage Group, which indicates that "Sage Forming (SGF)" with Chinese Independent Intellectual Property Rights and innovative forming method, which has been recognized by the international market, it reflects that Dalian Sage Group sticks on the road of innovation and the spirit of bold pioneer as well. It is another fruit following the world's largest diameter HF welding pipe line SG/711 completion in September this year."Sage Forming (SGF) "terminates the situation that HF large diameter straight seam welding pipe forming technology used to be always ruled by Europe, America and Japan before, and realizes the transformation from Made in China to Created in China.
SG/508 HF welding pipe line will be put into operation in August 2014, and it will become the national largest diameter, thickest wall, highest steel grade ERW producing line in Indonesia after completion.
It is only a good start for the cooperation between Krakatau Steel Group and Dalian Sage Group. It is believed that Dalian Sage Group will show more in the international arena from this cooperation.




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