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SG/ERW762 High-frequency Welded Pipe Production Line Receives Quality Product Innovation Award

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Dalian Sangao Group's product "SG/ERW762 High-frequency Welded Pipe Production Line" won the Quality Product Innovation Award from China Steel Structure Association. Dalian Sangao Group won the Outstanding Enterprise Award!
The SG/ERW762 welded pipe production line developed and manufactured by Dalian Sangao Group is the world's first welded pipe production line with a diameter of more than 762 mm. It uses the three-high forming method (SGF forming method) with independent intellectual property rights. The production line was first established in Jiangsu Wujin Welding Pipe Factory. Put into production, production of steel pipes for the construction of Singapore's oil pipelines, followed by Sangao Group also developed and manufactured SG/ERW762 welded pipe production lines for Guangzhou Panyu Steel Tube Works, and used them for petroleum and city gas projects, and exported Indonesia's SG508 production line in 2014. Put into use, the SG508 production line is the largest diameter welded pipe production line in Indonesia.
"SGF forming method" is the form of distributing small rollers along the deformation trajectory of the steel pipe, setting a "road" for the deformation of the steel strip, so that the steel strip has no "road" to go and realizes "fool operation". Judging from the actual production of the production line, the SGF forming method has far exceeded the foreign technology. The commissioning of the two production lines took only two days, and the 630 production line produced a one-meter-long waste pipe, while the commissioning time for the same specification of the imported production line was one year, resulting in 5,000 tons of waste pipe. The 762 production line did not produce a little waste pipe. "SGF forming method" is the independent innovation technology of Sango Group. This technology not only obtains domestic invention patents but also obtains invention patents in developed manufacturing Japan, Russia, and the United States, enabling China's technology to go abroad and breaking the monopoly of developed countries. .



Gao Guohong, chairman of the Group, said that for enterprise products that want to have the right to speak at home and abroad, they must have advanced technology and they must have their own standards. In 2014, the first set of "high-frequency straight seam welded steel pipe and pipe unit" industry standards drafted and formulated by Sangao Group passed the review of the National Metallurgical Equipment Standardization Technical Committee, and was issued. The formulation of this standard made it possible for China to end the cold-rolled high-frequency welding. The long-term history of steel pipe complete sets does not have its own standards. The company has participated in the development of a total of 12 industrial standards and local standards.
In the technical field of continuous forming straight seam welded steel pipes, Sangao Group has filed a total of 156 patents, and has obtained 129 certificates, 43 invention patents, 7 foreign patents, 2 Russian, US and Japanese, and 1 German.
Whether it is land, sea oil, gas, chemical products, pipeline transportation, or city gas, piped tap water, are increasingly inseparable from a diameter of more than half a meter, high frequency welding of straight seam welded pipe. High-frequency welded pipe with high precision, low investment, low pollution, high rate of finished products, in the production of steel pipes, welded pipe has an important position. High-frequency welded pipe electric heat conversion efficiency can reach 90% or more, coupled with the application of some advanced technology, high-frequency straight seam welded pipe for its safety and stability, to replace the seamless steel pipe and spiral welded pipe industry direction. According to reports, the US underground pipe network construction took 50 years, and our country has just begun eight years. Take China's first West-East Gas Pipeline as an example: The length of the first line is 4,200 kilometers, and the length of the second line is 9,600 kilometers. China will also construct 8,000 kilometers of branch gas pipelines. It can be said that the market for high-frequency straight seam welded pipes is huge.
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