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Pan Steel
   February 2007, Dalian SAGE Heavy Equipment Co., Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group Chengdu Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. is to provide an automatic chamfering machine for steel flat head and the inner and outer chamfering:
   Unit root ends were carried out using a single chamfer milling (groove) mode.
   Pipe chamfering on milling capacity: 120,000 t / y.
Work system
    Chamfer milling steel hour maximum capacity: 180 / hour.
Chamfering quality
    The device can be tossed away the pipe ends inside and outside cutting burr, greater than 60mm flat end face inclination 0.15 °, fell outside the groove cutter with internal float function. After the tube end chamfering cut smooth and comply with API, DIN, ROCT other international advanced standards.
    In the same year, three high Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. Dalian Pangang Group Chengdu Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. is to provide a set of automatic detection, recording, marking automation equipment. It can automatically measure seamless long, weighed, and in accordance with the requirements of the walls of the tube in vitro auto-complete coloring ring, drying, printing, spraying and other standard processes.
Tianjin Pipe
Milling saw in November 2005, three high Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. Dalian Tianjin Steel Pipe Group Co., Ltd. to provide a cold cutting saw to cut a way for milling circular steel cutting operations. The device is suitable Φ219.1 ~ 610.0mm diameter of casing, high-pressure boiler pipe, line pipe. Designed annual production capacity of 120,000 tons.
Operating system and annual working hours
    Operating system: continuous three-shift work system
    Work Hours: 6000 hours
    Effective working time: according to 75% of the calculation.
    The device uses the world's most advanced X-Y coordinates steel milling methods can be used for pipe cutting, drawing from abroad into the design;
    High efficiency: high blade life, low operating cost, replacement blade convenient, fast;
    Low noise: the production process and low noise;
    Good quality cut: cut burr, the vertical face high equipment failure rate, easy maintenance.
Stainless Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Jiang Jiuli
    2003 - 2004 period
    Provides maximum diameter stainless steel pipe Ф219 of multiple production lines, installation and commissioning of imported steel slitting line and straightening machine, flat head chamfering machine, pressure testing machine, annealing furnace.
Jiangsu Province
Hang Xiao Steel Co., Ltd.
    2004 provides a thickness of 20mm machine and slitting open flat
Shaped Steel Tube Co., Ltd. Wuxi Sunan
    2004 provides a 400 × 400mm round unit variance
Changshu City Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. Rich Howe
    2004 steel flat head chamfering machine, Pai saw, soot blower, etc.
Jiangsu Wujin Stainless Steel Pipe Factory
    2004 Ф32, Ф76, Ф159, Ф325 four stainless steel welded pipe production line
Panyu Chu Kong Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.
    Provides a 20mm × 2200mm opening tablet and slitting machine
Tangshan Jianlong Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.
    2004 provides Ф219 peace head chamfering machine unit 2 sets
Tangshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. Yinfeng
    2002 signed UOE1420mm LSAW pipe production line contract (postponed because of funding problems after)
Third Power Chemical Co., Ltd., Xi'an
    2004 Ф30 stainless steel welded pipe production line 2
The following is the 2003 previously provided with the equipment user:
Zhejiang: Ningbo Iron and Steel Plant
Liaoning: Benxi Iron and Steel Company, Benxi Fuller multi Steel Tube Company, Anshan Iron and Steel Company, Haicheng Northern Steel Pipe Company
Jilin: Liaoyuan Steel Plant, Changchun ALUMINUM
Jiangsu: Wuxi Fuye Steel Plant, Wuxi Xing Steel Plant, Wuxi Qianqiao strip steel, Wuxi Qianqiao Shunyi Gong Division, Yizheng Steel Plant, Steel Plant Liyang, no Xinan Xi Zhang pipe factory, Zhangjiagang City, the second pipe factory, Zhangjiagang Hongda Steel Plant, three and Precision Pipe Co., Ltd., Xuzhou Lakeside built machinery factory, hardware factory in Xuzhou City Huaguang Welfare
Steel Plant in Guangzhou, Zhuhai Doumen Steel Plant, Jieyang Kiu Tai Fung Metal Products Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Steel Group Corporation, Hong Kong and China Precision Pipe Co., Ltd. Zhongshan, Panyu Rainbow Industrial Development Co., Ltd., Dongguan Hualian Hardware Factory Co., Pearl River galvanized steel factory, pipe factory in Asia
Maanshan Steel Plant, Maanshan Iron and Steel Jiangdong rolling mills, strip mills Maanshan Iron Mountain
Fujian: Tianyu Steel Products Co., Ltd.
Sichuan: Chengdu Steel Plant, Chengdu factory metal profiles along the river, Xichang Steel Plant, Jiangyou frequency welded pipe plant, Leshan Steel Plant, Tianfu Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd.
Gansu: Jiayuguan Steel Plant
Jiangxi: Cadence Steel Plant
Hunan: Hengyang Steel Tube (Group) Co., Ltd.
Hubei: Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd.
Shandong: Juli Co., Ltd. Weifang, Weifang Sanli Metal Products Co., Ltd., Qingdao cylinder factory, Qingdao strip mill, Qingdao Hyundai Highway Products Co., Ltd.
Shanxi: TISCO Stainless Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., Shanxi Limin Machinery Factory (military factories)
Xinjiang: eight steel rolling mill
Inner Mongolia: Baotou Iron and Steel Institute Internship pipe factory
Shanghai: Shanghai Composite Pipe Co., Ltd. East today
Beijing: Manulife Steel Plant, Beijing New Building Material Co., Ltd.
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