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SG406 Stainless Steel Pipe Mill



SG406 Stainless Steel Pipe Mill

Technical features:
Air Bending Forming - used for edge forming
It is used for forming the curved edge of the side part with small deformation force, which is conducive to the deformation of the side part of the steel tube, shortening the straight section of the side part and forming the side part of the thick steel pipe with high steel grade.
Cage Forming - used for middle forming
Used for middle forming, good deformation hole shape, good central forming effect, to ensure the whole process of deformation is garden deformation, conducive to thick wall pipe, thin wall pipe, high steel grade steel pipe middle forming.
Universal frame - for fin pass and sizing
It is used for fin pass and sizing. The frame is under uniform force and not deformed.

SG406 Stainless Steel Welded Pipe Mill:



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