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High quality product innovation in 2015


The product "SG/ERW762 high frequency welded pipe production line" won the high quality product innovation award. Dalian three high group won the excellent enterprise award.


The SG/ERW762 welded pipe production line developed and manufactured by Dalian Sangao Group uses the three-high forming method (SGF forming method) with independent intellectual property rights. The production line was put into production for the first time in Jiangsu Wujin Welding Tube Factory, and later Sango Group also developed for Guangzhou Panyu Steel Tube Factory. Manufacturing SG/ERW762 welded pipe production line.
"SGF forming method" is the form of distributing small rollers along the deformation trajectory of the steel pipe, setting a "road" for the deformation of the steel strip, so that the steel strip has no "road" to go and realizes "fool operation". Judging from the actual production of the production line, the SGF forming method has far exceeded the foreign technology. The commissioning of the two production lines took only two days, and the 630 production line produced a one-meter-long waste pipe, while the commissioning time for the same specification of the imported production line was one year, resulting in 5,000 tons of waste pipe. The 762 production line did not produce a little waste pipe. "SGF forming method" is the independent innovation technology of Sango Group. This technology not only obtains domestic invention patents, but also obtains invention patents in developed manufacturing Japan, Russia, and the United States.
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